The 5 Girls You’ll Meet on Tinder

Online dating is always a little risky because you never really know whom you are going to meet. Sure, Tinder has to be linked to Facebook so the chances of you meeting a totally fake person are very slim. But meeting someone in person with whom you have only shared a few casual text messages with can be nerve-racking because you never really know who they are actually going to be in person.

So if you have the backbone and want to start converting your Tinder matches into potential hook up or girlfriends, you are bound to meet five different types of girls while on the Tinder dating scene.  Here is the first one.

Bait and Switch







To put it simply, this girl is a fraud, and she knows it. The bait and switch girl is probably the worst it’s going to get when you finally decide to meet her in person.

This girl finds the most stunning five photos of herself that were ever taken and sets them as her Tinder pictures. A majority her photos are Photoshopped, some are probably taken and edited professionally.

She went through all of this work just so you would swipe right on your picture just so she could get a small confidence boost that a stud like you would actually consider her “hot.”

The real trouble starts when you decide to message her because that’s when Mrs. Bait and Switch’s ego starts steaming. She thinks she has you fooled so she will start acting like she’s that provocative girl in those Tinder pictures to lure you in.

It will only be a matter of time before her number is in your pocket, and you are on your way to go meet up with her for a drink.

This is when the real trouble begins. You’re at the public place you agreed to meet her whether it’s a popular coffee shop or a local bar for some happy hour drinks.

You’re still expecting a hypnotic, sexy woman to be walking through those doors. You probably went to the gym this morning just for this meet up and most likely mentally pumped yourself up so you could get you’re A game on with your new Tinder Crush.

Every time the door opens you quickly turn your head to see if she’s is coming through the door, and that’s when it happens.

The door opens, your eyes shoot a quick glance over to see who just walked in and the girl who just came through the door vaguely look likes the girl you’re suppose to meet up with. But you instantly dismiss it because this girl was at best a five and your woman was eight or better.

As this girl starts approaching you, your heart starts pounding out of your chest and you breakout in a light sweat because if this is her you can’t be seen in public with this chick. You’ve got a reputation to uphold and being seen in public with her is going to damage it. She walks right up to you smile, says your name and hugs you.

At that moment you realized that you have been Bait and Switched.

She knows it too, but she doesn’t care because she’s on a date with you. She can go back home and tell all her friends about it while she shows them your pictures.

Once you realize that your have been bait and switched by this shameless women, there is only one thing to do in the situation. BAIL.

You have to get the hell out of there and fast. Best call is to drop a quick text to your buddy telling him to call you in five pretending to be your dad making up some medical emergency.  No one ever questions a medical emergency. Be on the look out for Mrs. Bait and Switched while browsing the dating scene on Tinder. Try to get some snap chats from her before you meet up so you know exactly whom you are going to be hanging out with.

Check back in two weeks for the second type of girl that your bound to meet on Tinder.

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